Start Sending Mass Email
Jul. 5, 2019 By Sparky

How to Start Sending Mass Email

Getting started with SparkPost is super easy. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to start sending mass email in minutes!

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SparkPost Email Templates
Nov. 28, 2018 By Isaac Kim

How to Get Started with Snippets in SparkPost Email Templates

Discover how to use Snippets: reusable content that, once created, can be imported into the HTML, Text, or AMP part of any SparkPost email template.

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AMP for Email
Sep. 7, 2018 By Isaac Kim

Support for Google AMP for Email in SparkPost Coming Soon

We’re working with Google to add support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email to the SparkPost service. Here’s a preview of how it works.

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Mar. 12, 2018 By Jeff Goldstein

How Templates Work with Subaccounts

A helpful how-to guide from one of our sales engineers on owning, managing and sharing templates with SparkPost subaccounts.

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client-side macros yellow background 360x274
Feb. 2, 2018 By Dave Gray

Templates All The Way Down (To The Macros)

Learn how you can now extend the SparkPost templating language with client-side macros, powered by the code you choose.

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Dec. 22, 2017 By Jeff Goldstein

How To Validate The Data You’re Sending To Email Templates

Personalized emails mean better engagement rates. This new PHP library helps you get there by validating that email templates have the data they need.

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yellow background orange square stored templates subaccount
Sep. 6, 2017 By Irina Doliov

New Feature Announcement: Stored Templates by Subaccount

Introducing one of the most requested enhancements by both our enterprise customers and developer community, stored templates by subaccount.

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dark gray email template hacks
Aug. 9, 2017 By Jeff Goldstein

Our Top 5 Email Template Hacks

From creating standards that can apply to many templates to design hints on validating your data, here are our top 5 email template hacks.

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responsive email 360x274-01
Jun. 23, 2017 By Mary Thengvall

Community Spotlight: How Topol Makes Creating Beautiful HTML Email Templates Easy

Building HTML email templates is hard. Learn about the app that Jan Tlapak and Sendmark created for anybody in need of building beautiful HTML emails.

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